to TheDeleted.com.

Email - SlickVision@hotmail.com

Discussiuon Boards - Area in which comments an suggestions an whatever else is on your mind (feedback) can be freely expressed.

Photoshop - Desginated location where I have the majority of my graphic designs organized.

Thought - Jus random thoughts I get here an there, nothing too interesting.

Weblog - A so-so journal of sorts, after reading it myself, not to interesting there either.

Flash Media - Wide assortment of different flash media and games I've found out an about on the web.

Downloads - Just some software and other files I found useful.

My Computer - Some computer specs of my computer which was purhcased for less than 600 so be nice. It works very well, for now.

My Tribes 2 Stats - Obvious one here, stat logger I kept when I played Tribes 2

About Me - Another obvious one, has some of my personal favorite information, a picture of me and my daughter.

Links - Big shocker, this is a list of links I enjoy frequently clicking on.

Keiana - Handful of pictures of my three year old daughter, Keiana.

Jet - Pictures of my annoying foot attacking feline cat, Jet.

96' Saturn SC1 - A few random pictures of my '96 Saturn. Updated rarely.

85' Chevrolet Pickup 4x4 - 4x4 5.0L V8 305 This is my project, hobby of sorts.

Rants - Just some personal rants of mine :-)

                                                                                                                                    - Have a nice day
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